You Are Built for Independance

We are built to provide




Transition is not always easy but rest assured that through our experience and understanding we have implemented a process that will make yours as seamless as possible. We stand as a partner, providing guidance and support during and after this major change.  Our mission is to build a long-term relationship where the common goalis your success. 


TEAM BUILDING: It begins with a dedicated transition team that will analyze your book of business, develop a transition timeline, and set up weekly calls. The MSH advantage is that your team and access to Executive Leadership doesn't end after the transition, you will not be passed off and will continually receive the same level of attention and service that you deserve. 


WELL-INFORMED: Weekly transition calls, system training, compensation payment preparation, and support for your client communication to ensure that your transition is on track for launch day,


COMPLIANCE SUPPORT: Compliance is a job within itself ; we take the burden off of you and ensure your licenses are in place and Continued Education (CE) courses are up-to-date. Our compliance team, built of veteran Chief Compliance Officers, ensure that we adhere to all regulatory requirements.  


OPERATIONAL SUPPORT: Our operations department handles all insurance appointment paperwork, broker-dealer change forms, and daily workflow assistance quickly and efficiently. We will train you and your staff on the documents and various platforms required to transition your business. Take advantage of our integrated technology solutions to populate almost all client paperwork. Our goal is to ensure that our internal forms are intuitive, simple, and accessible online.


TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: We offer robust reporting capabilities through Albridge Wealth Reporting and Orion Advisor Services. Direct Data Feeds for Complete Portfolio of Accounts & Assets Under Management. Aggregated data from hundreds of sources to provide a consolidated view of assets. Comprehensive performance reporting package that covers asset allocation, holdings analysis, transactions, bench-marking and performance. Our technology doesn't end at your computer screen, you can take it anywhere with the mobile applications.