...to protecting the client - RIA realationship



Our founder, Mark S. Howells, has been in the financial industry for over 35 years. His personal quest for independence and success has been lead by respect and commitment to his employees and clients and in return most have remained loyal for over 30 years. 

We understand the hard work and care that goes into building an independent RIA that is centered around strong client relationships. It takes years of early mornings and late nights, listening to your clients and understanding their financial needs. The value and reward of hard work keeps us all going and has now driven you to independence for assurance that your client relationships remain strong. You've worked hard to get here and we are here to support your growth and accomplishments. 

Your clients, like ours, expect a high-level of service which includes accessibility, confidentiality, and transparency.  We are committed to your ability to take your independence to the next level. Your goals are in line with our commitment to you - Protecting and strengthening the client and Advisor relationship.

We fully respect the confidentiality of your business and have refined our processes to ease the back office burden on you so you can focus your attention to your clients needs. You, the Adviser, is our client - not your clients. We respect your clients' privacy and are here to help you achieve the financial goals set between you and your client. 



M.S. Howells & Co. is a privately and family owned and operated firm. 

Full engagement to best understand our clients needs and vision of success to help new and emerging Advisors reach their full potential while build a personal, meaningful relationship with our clients, the RIA, with no solicitation of your clients. We go beyond offering competitive pay out rates and exceptional service and our clients are viewed as our most valuable assets