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Full-Service Prime Brokerage Services for Hedge Funds


Are you frustrated with your current prime broker, but afraid to make a move? Our professionals will make your transition to M.S. Howells & Co. a quick and seamless experience.

We deliver everything you expect from a bulge-bracket prime broker, with one exception, we never forget who we work for. Numerous established hedge funds consider M.S. Howells & Co. indispensable to their day-to-day operations.

M.S. Howells & Co. has a fully disclosed clearing arrangement with Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company. This relationship allows us to extend the benefits of a respected institutional firm to our customers while at the same time maintaining a highly personalized standard of customer service.

Your needs, not your fund size, drive the prime brokerage relationship.

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Forming a hedge fund is a complex, highly specialized venture that requires the services of knowledgeable professionals including accountants, attorneys, and third-party administrators. M.S. Howells & Co. can connect managers starting a new hedge fund with key professionals and help new funds attain Prime Brokerage services through our relationship with Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company. We provide prospective fund managers with the information to successfully start a new fund, including advice in preparing presentation and marketing materials for potential investors.

M.S. Howells & Co. gives new fund managers advice concerning the formation of hedge funds, how to create an action plan that will allow new managers to control the start-up process, and help new managers avoid common mistakes that can be problematic in the future. Our professional team can help new hedge fund managers develop and articulate short and long term goals, strategic objectives, and operational procedures and protocols. Whether you’re a domestic or offshore start-up fund, we have relationships with numerous third-party providers that specifically service the hedge fund community.

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M.S. Howells & Co. has its roots in trade execution. Our veteran traders routinely execute complex equity, fixed income, and option strategies on behalf of our customers. We have long standing relationships on Wall Street and at all the major exchanges.





M.S. Howells & Co. offers managers the opportunity to capitalize on emerging best practices by establishing a multi-prime business model with sophisticated reporting and analysis that aggregates this complex scenario into a single unified vision.

Whether you choose our single-prime or multi-prime solution, both include a comprehensive package of services, including portfolio reporting, risk analysis tools, proprietary market strategy, direct market access trading, trade desk access, portfolio statistical analysis and administrative support.




As a fund manager or advisor, your main objective is to maximize returns for your clients. That’s why we offer a variety of specialized services to supplement your in-house capabilities.

  • Full-Service Trade Desk
  • Full-Service Back Office
  • Risk Analysis Tools
  • Direct Market Access
  • Portfolio Reporting
  • Referral Network
  • Technology Assistance
  • Clearing Agreement with Pershing, LLC (BNY Mellon)
  • We're Registered with FINRA and SIPC